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Kush Kingdom Australia

We founded Kush Kingdom based on the goal of educating the public about the benefits that will come from a thriving hemp industry in Australia

Let’s grow, together.

About Us

The Beginning

The idea for a hemp clothing brand was conceptualised by two friends with the intention to fight unjust cannabis laws in Australia.  We quickly learned that what’s more unjust than the cannabis laws, are the laws surrounding industrial hemp.  Eventually, we chose to name our hemp brand ‘Kush Kingdom’ to help break down the negative stigma that surrounds terminology around any breed of cannabis in general; be it ‘hemp’ or ‘marijuana’.

The Present

For now, we are operating as a two-man show out of the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia.  Currently, we have two simple designs on two basic colours.  However, we have some brand new designs ready to print as soon as the right time presents itself. 

We also cater to wholesale hemp clothing orders.  This service has not been publicly launched yet as we are still ironing out a few kinks, but if you are a business in Australia and have been looking into getting your own designs printed on hemp clothing, we’d be more than happy to talk shop.

The Future

More than anything, we want to see Australia growing Australian hemp, producing Australian hemp fibre, and manufacturing Australian hemp clothing… And we want to play a part in it.  The first step is to prove demand, which will justify supply.  From there, the sky’s the limit for the Australian Hemp industry.

Watch this space.

Our Products

Male-Female (shirts)

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