10 Modern Hemp Products

Variety of sustainable hemp products

With the use of modern technology, hemp products in 2019 are better and more diverse than ever before.   

Throughout history, humans have used hemp to cater to their needs. Now, with the newly legalised industry, age-old applications for it are making their way back into the mainstream.

A major trend around the world right now is finding sustainable alternatives for unsustainable
practises. Hemp products offer many solutions for this problem, so we wrote this article to showcase 10 creative uses for this magnificent plant – That you can try today!

Textile Innovation

Now that the hemp industry has been unleashed in the U.S, there is more focus being put towards developing the bast fibres into fabrics that are as soft as cotton.  This would eliminate the common desire to blend hemp with other fabrics. Recently, Levi’s claims to have developed a new process that can ‘cottonize’ hemp! Although they also use cotton in their blends, this step forward in development is surely a sign of the times.

Hemp Beer

Yes, you’re reading that correctly.

And no, it doesn’t get you high.

However, if we do say so ourselves, this beer has a unique flowery-sweetness that will appeal to those who shy away
from darker beer!

Even if you do prefer the traditional beer taste, this craft brew will go down well on a warm day. Stocks are apparently limited too, so keep your eye out!

Hemp Protein

Hemp seed can be grinded in a certain way that turns it into a protein powder. Much like a whey protein, hemp protein can be used as a high-quality protein supplement.

Containing a similar amount of protein and calories, the difference between a scoop of whey protein and hemp protein is the fat and fibre content. Hemp protein is packed full of Omega oils and fibre, which whey protein lacks in.

So for overall nutritional content, we’d choose hemp protein any day.

Hemp Building Materials

Concrete is one of the most commonly used building materials no earth, but is extremely hard on the environment. On the other hand, eco-minded builders have developed an alternative – Hempcrete. 

Hempcrete is carbon negative, therefore very environmentally friendly. It is made from the bast fibres, like hemp clothing, which are hollow and seem to always provide natural insulation.  It’s also fire and pest-resistant, which reduces the need for chemicals in the building process.

Are you building a new home?  Think about trying eco-friendly materials like hemp!

Hemp ‘Graphene”

Graphene was once hailed as the most important discovery of the century.  It is however, very expensive to manufacture this material, so many products that futurists dreamed of never really happened. 

Recently, hemp was able to be manipulated into a graphene-like material with similar conductive properties.  This means that a mined material which can cost thousands of dollars for a gram of, can be created with a plant instead.  Could hemp offer the solution to the financial limitations to development of nano-technologies?

Only time will tell.

Hemp Plastic – Grinder

Hemp bio-plastics have been spoken for a long time.  Many have heard about Henry Ford’s legendary hemp plastic car,  and modern developments have led to a range of viable production options. 

The benefits of hemp bio-plastics start at the crop, and end with decomposition – as hemp plastics are said to be totally biodegradable.  One company has recently made a move to bring a biodegradable hemp plastic grinder to the market!

Usually we wouldn’t be jumping to showcase products that have ‘herbal applications’, but this is simply one of the best hemp plastic demonstrations on earth.

Hemp Sunglasses

There isn’t anything much more ironic than hiding behind a pair of hemp sunglasses as you cruise through your April 20th.  There are only a couple of businesses that produce these accessories, but they’re of incredible quality. 

The strength hemp fibres are a great feature on generally easy-to-break items, such as sunglasses.

Hemp Food Wraps

A local Australian brand has found a great use for the incredible textile properties of hemp by using hemp fibre and beeswax to make food wraps.  You can wrap anything from sandwiches to sliced fruit and trust that the food will be okay to eat when you’re ready.

Afterwards, just rise, wash, and reuse.

It serves as a great alternative to single use plastic wraps, which are terrible for the environment.

Hemp Milk

Vegans rejoice – For there is a new milk substitute in town. 

If your body doesn’t handle lactose or you don’t agree with the dairy industry, this highly nutritional alternative is right for you.  Hemp milk contains all the benefits that you receive with hemp seed-based products, without any animal involvement.

It’s nutty, creamy, and with a date or two blended in, nice and sweet!

Hemp Paper

Hemp paper is a high quality alternative to tree-pulp paper. 

It grows around 10 times faster, produces 3x as much paper, and is much better for the environment.  Logging is said to be one of the reasons the hemp industry was decimated in the 1940s, and it proceeded to replace hemp in the paper trade from then onwards. 

With modern technology, hemp paper is starting to make a comeback, and we’d like to hope it will replace logging in the next few decades.

Final Words

With the comeback of hemp well and truly on the way, it’s safe to say this is just the beginning

These are just a few of the great hemp-based alternatives available today.  As innovators catch on to the capabilities of this super-plant, we’re sure to see a flood of new, sustainable products brought to the market… all derived from the cannabis plant.

Have you seen some other great hemp products that you think should make the next list?

Drop a comment below, or connect with us on social media! 

We’d love to hear from you.

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