We’re on a mission to build a greener future by breaking down the negative stigma behind hemp. We’ll approach this issue in the simplest way we can think of: by introducing hemp products into everyday households. Starting with clothing, we want to demonstrate why you should go the extra mile to utilise this incredible plant.

Hemp is more than just a resource, but a tool to help us achieve sustainability. However, it has been long-overlooked due to the attached stigma. We see a large gap in education that contributes to these negative perceptions.

That’s why we’re building a space to encourage the public to learn more about cannabis. We believe that the only way for change to occur, is through community and collaboration. The negative stigma of hemp has severely damaged public interest, and some even see it as a scary topic. 

We created Kush Kingdom Australia to change that.



Our vision is a nation that proudly hosts a thriving hemp industry. 

We’re looking for more than lighter restrictions on growing hemp… We’re here to show cause for research and development into the next generation of Eco-friendly hemp products in Australia.

We see a plant with endless possibilities and applications. We see a planet in need of Eco-friendly solutions. And as humans, we are always looking for ways to make healthier choices for ourselves. 

For thousands of years, hemp provided mankind with the resource to grow…

Now we’re going to return the favour. 

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