Why Wear Hemp Clothing?

what are the benefits of wearing hemp clothing

From superior strength and durability, to natural insulation and beyond – Here, we answer a big question: Why Wear Hemp?

Today we’re going to look into the often disregarded science behind what you wear. What you’ve heard is true, hemp is great for ‘sustainability’. But what’s the truth behind the unique characteristics of hemp fabrics that people rave about, and why should it be in our wardrobes?


Perfect for General Activities

Hemp produces a very absorbant fibre; especially when compared to other natural fibres like cotton. However, the moisture also dissipates from the material at a much greater rate. This means that hemp will both absorb and dry very quickly.

hemp vs cotton fabric moisture absorbtion and dissipation graph
Adapted from "Natural Fibres in China," by Z. Jianchun, 2008, Proceedings of the Symposium on Natural Fibres, p. 56

The absorbency and dissipation rates could assist in dealing with sweat, and even liquid spills. Numerous studies like this one have also found remarkable properties in hemp fibres that repel common strains of bacteria. On top of that, hemp is not only antibacterial, but it’s mould and mildew resistant too.

So really, whether it’s accessories, work clothes, or even something to train in… Each quality contributes to the overall comfort and durability of hemp fabrics.


Strong, Durable, and Comfortable

Tensile strength measures how much weight a material can hold before breaking, and hemp has always performed remarkably. The fibres are almost twice as strong as cotton, and a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel.  This makes hemp great to wear in places like heavy work environments.

hemp vs cotton fabric tensile strength graph
Adapted from "Natural Fibres in China," by Z. Jianchun, 2008, Proceedings of the Symposium on Natural Fibres, p. 56

These characteristics become stand-out features of the fabric when woven. This is why all hemp textiles are known for their exceptional strength. What is less known is that while the fabric remains strong over time, hemp continues to get softer with every wash.

So, what does this all mean? Basically, hemp wears in, not out. Can you think of many other textiles that can withstand the test of time with such minimal loss in quality?


Wear Hemp in any Climate

Hemp is a great choice for clothing no matter where in the world you are. The hollow formation of hemp fibres are known to give garments qualities of natural insulation. This means that hemp garments can be styled in ways that are meant to keep you warm in winter, or cool in summer. But what really makes hemp stand out is the natural UV protection that it offers. This report refers to a study in India which found that hemp boasts a SPF 10-15 UV Protection rating.

Such a rating gives an estimated 93% coverage from UV Rays. This doesn’t mean you can forget about wearing sunscreen, but you can certainly count on hemp to add these extra little qualities that will make for a superior clothing experience wherever you are.


Final words

Hemp fabrics have a whole range of little tweaks that assist in providing added support for any activity. Nowadays, hemp is most often blended with more common fabrics like cotton. The softness of cotton for example, blends well with the more advanced properties of hemp. Together they produce a high quality, upmarket, and long-lasting fabric. 

That’s why we’ve started with hemp and cotton blends, which you can check out here

While it’s true that hemp is great for the environment, now you’ve also got an idea on how hemp clothing could offer you a slight edge over day-to-day life too.

male and female wearing black and white natural hemp clothing

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